Friday, June 18, 2010

Uwe, once again on target.

image I have come to read this post a bit late. Please read "Of Foreboding and Forgiveness" by Uwe Siemon-Netto. 

It is a timely, direct call for Missouri to "get its act together."   A sample of Seimon-Netto's direct language.

The time might soon come when there will be no mega churches with thousands of happy-clappy congregants; whoever among Lutherans believes that in periods of woe bestselling guidelines to a purpose-driven life can be put into action will be egregiously disappointed. What sustained me in air raid shelters and during months of starvation were not expressions of religious enthusiasm but the words and tunes of the Scripture-based liturgy I had memorized since Sunday school, and the unshakeable message that, whatever happened, I was a forgiven sinner and would therefore live eternally by virtue of Christ’s vicarious suffering, death and resurrection.

Along with those mentioned in his article, I too look for the LCMS to am '...praying that the LCMS will emerge from Houston “as a robust church ready to allow the treasures of its own tradition to bear fruit.”'

Uwe endorses Rev. Matt Harrison for president.  As a delegate I am inclined to vote for Harrison for these reasons and many others.

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