Tuesday, July 01, 2008

As I Was Saying....


Pastor Todd Wilken and company at Issues Etc. came back to the air waves yesterday.  I can't think of much that categorizes the return  better than Todd's first words...

"As I was saying... before I was so rudely interrupted..." Rev. Todd Wilken

The first hour back on the air was low key and better than could be expected.  The host and Mr. Schwarz reminisced about their unexpected "spring break."  I appreciated especially how they didn't focus on those who kicked them off the air but rather on their own journeys.  There could have been much accusation, "they did us wrong", "they are evil", there was none of that.  Just a focus on what the program is about.

"The Word of God has the power to change lives... and we were privileged to be that conduit..."

The second hour was unremarkable.  I mean this in the most complementary manner.  Todd's interview skills are top shelf.  He discussed to relevant issues in the manner that we have become accustomed to.  As I listened, doing the things I normally do during the day, things felt back in balance.  The center of our faith came through clearly and strongly, Jesus Christ crucified for Sinners.  It's the reason I tuned into Issues and the reason I will continue to do so.

Welcome back Todd and Jeff and Co...

My only complaint... only 2 hours!

You can listen online at Pirate Christian Radio

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