Sunday, June 29, 2008

WuFoo - Just Good Software / WebWare

I just created three useful forms for the church web page... for free.  WuFoo made is easy, slick and very useful.  The forms were a piece of cake to build all the info I needed for all the forms was just as I would have done it.  These guys have got a great thing going.

The Three Forms

Update Membership Information

Prayer / Visit Request form

Info Request

I embeded the form code in a blog post and am able to access the forms by recalling the post from tags or by direct URL.  It all works nifty.  You can also get the "full page code" and "XHTML and CSS Code only" for those who know what that's all about. 

WuFoo has several levels of participation.  Free is good for me. It allows 3 forms with 10 fields each.  (a very liberal interpretation of fields).  I was able to create all I needed with room to spare.  All the notification stuff I needed is also available at this level.  You can get up to 100 entries a month.  I think that will be sufficient for the churches needs right now.  (I could blow quiet a few just testing it all out...).

WuFoo also has a reports feature that I haven't yet tapped.  I'm looking forward to playing with that.

WuFoo's paid levels seem to be pretty reasonable as well. Each level raising the number of forms, users and entries available, they range from $9.95 a month to 199.95 a month. 

All in all, when you find something that is this easy, this good, and basically free, you've got to tell people about it.  Try out

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