Saturday, June 07, 2008

Vocation, Doing what God has given you to do!

Here's a great YouTube video on Vocation.

I love how they've characterized this guy. He's us all over. We live and work and play every day thinking about ourselves and forgetting that God has placed us where he has to serve our neighbors. I especially like how the video doesn't call it "ministry." It's just regular, daily, serving of those that need service; regular, daily serving those who God places right in front of us to serve. It very much helps us to see clearly Christian Vocation in every day life. I also like how it doesn’t say that these people need to have Christ (even though they certainly do) but it emphasizes that our motive for helping them is simply that they need help.

What it lacks is the Gospel as motivation for the Christian to do this service. We serve our neighbors because God first serves us.  This is assumed by the intended viewer, I suppose. I wonder how this idea could be incorporated into the video and not take away its impact? a way that wouldn’t use the Gospel as the Law?

Thanks to Gene Veith for pointing out this video.

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