Friday, April 11, 2008

Expelled from 'Expelled'

WorldNetDaily internet news has an article on the Documentary Expelled:Not Intellegence Allowed.

From the Article:
Scheduled for release in 1,000 theatres, "Expelled" will be hotter than "Farenheit 9/11," which debuted on 868 screens, and much more convenient to see than "An Inconvenient Truth," which I was surprised to find opened on only four screens nationwide despite all the hype, peaking at 587 before its appeal melted.
The movie is a documentary by Ben Stein, the actor, political speech writer and activist.
From the Website:
Big Science has expelled smart new ideas from the classroom. What they forgot is that every generation has its Rebel... Ben [Stein] blows the horn on suppression!
I admit I have not yet seen the movie but I plan to rectify that: Expelled Theater finder:

The movie opens April 18, in Sioux Falls.

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