Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cwirla Does Movies

I enjoyed Rev. William M. Cwirla very interesting analysis of the movie Big Night. It compares whats happening in the LCMS with the movie. I look foward to seeing the movie, so I threw it in the top of my netflix queue!

From Cwirla:
The LCMS is Secundo, a conflicted second son. Part of it believes that good theology brings one closer to God, and that people should come for the theology. The other part believes that you need to give the customers what they want, even to the point of heterodoxy, so that in time you can give them what you want.

The twin realities in the film are that Primo will never succeed like Pascal, and Pascal has nothing of his own to give. The beauty of the movie is that it offers no via media, no easy compromise between Primo's orthodoxy and Pascal's heterodoxy. Business style and culinary substance are inextricably tied together. The question posed to Secundo by Pascal at the end of the movie is this: Who are you?

That is the question posed to the LCMS today: Who are you?

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