Friday, December 29, 2006

My Birthday at Camp Restore

It was a great birthday. Camp Restore is filling up. I met some folks from Norfolk, NE. I told them I was born in Norfolk 45 years ago today. They didn't really seem impressed. I thought it was newsworthy. I switched today to Pastor Sturzenbecher's group. We did dry wall at the house of a woman who works for the New Orleans fire department. She's very nice. Her house is cool duplex. She fed us a lunch today with Hot Wings and Fried rice. Her house was flooded four feet deep. She wasn't here when the water rose she evacuated early. She said she had just remodled her home. Now I guess she'll have to do it all over again.
We almost had an accident today. Randy and I were getting a vent fan out of the attic. We thought it was really light but it was caught on a nail. When the nail let loose we found out just how heavy it was... too heavy. I recieved a glancing blow on my forehead and shoulder a little sore but not bad. Randy got a scrape on his nose.
Still more to do tomorrow.
The camp is full to capacity. 2 to 3 groups came in last night from Nebraska (Pious X HS); California; and Mt. Pleasant MI. Miciah painted with a the other SD folks. They found a stop sign in the owners yard. The homeowner said they could keep it. They're taking it home to hang in the Divine Shepherd youth room.
Dinner and bed. I'll sleep well.
Pastor Watt

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