Friday, December 29, 2006

Dec 29 at Camp Restore

7am Breakfast... breakfast here is very hardy lots of carbs for energy. Randy was asked to work on a van they got in today. He didn't go to the sight till later so I was team leader by default. I had a hard time keeping everyone busy. I tried to get the kids going on mudding. They needed to be taught and had lots else to do. Got them busy on an outside project moving rocks. They found a broken angel that belonged to the homeowner. Lunch was homemade Jumbilia (spelled) Best lunch so far in New Orleans. Randy came at 2pm. We did get quite a bit done.
I stapled my hand today. Bethany and I were going to staple up some insulation that had fallen down. She asked "How do you know if these things have staples in them?" I said you just put the thing on our hand and squeeze the trigger. Later I was trying to staple up the insulation. It was one of those new staplers that look like they are backwards. I couldn't figure out why no staples were coming out, so I pointed it down at the ground and placed my hand under the back end to hold it steady, and pushed the trigger. I found out I was holding it upside down when the 1/2 inch staple came out in the palm of my hand. It wasn't easy to get out either! As I've told every one... it was poetic justice. It didn't hurt really at all... but my pride hurt instantly. Really I think it's quite funny! My fingers are sore tonight and it's a bit of a trick to type.
Jim Likens had devos on at camp tonight. He's the one who wrote "God knows your name."

Special Note: I found out that Waunita had emergency surgery today. She's doing fine. I feel pretty helpless... can't begin back till Sunday. We'll leave after church and have the 22 hour trip home.
Pray for her speedy recovery and my trip home.
Pastor Watt.

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