Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What makes a “church”?

According to the IRS these things.

(1) a distinct legal existence
(2) a recognized creed and form of worship
(3) a definite and distinct ecclesiastical government
(4) a formal code of doctrine and discipline
(5) a distinct religious history
(6) a membership not associated with any other church or denomination
(7) an organization of ordained ministers
(8) ordained ministers selected after completing prescribed studies
(9) a literature of its own
(10) established places of worship
(11) regular congregation
(12) regular religious services
(13) Sunday schools for religious instruction of the young; and
(14) schools for the preparation of its ministers
(HT WhiteHorseInn http://www.whitehorseinn.org/blog/2010/09/14/does-your-church-pass-the-irs-test/ )

Join the discussion on the White Horse Inn Web page.  It’s quite interesting to me that the IRS recognizes what we often just take for granted.

Pastor Watt.

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