Thursday, July 22, 2010

My pick for "Blog of The Week"

No! I don't have a regular column called "blog of the week" like my favorite radio program "Issues, Etc."  (see

It's just that this post by Rev. Paul McCain says something very important.  It is entitled "One of the Very Best Things The Missouri Synod Did Not Do Last Week."  Rev. McCain refers to defeating the resolution that would have changed the way delegates are elected for Synod conventions.  The recommendation (made by a task force on structure) would have done two things.  1. Moved the election of delegates from the congregation level to the district level. 2. Given larger voice to larger congregations.  The motion was only defeated by sending it to committee, where it will hopefully die a painless private death.  As Rev. McCain so ably states, this proposal would have changed how Missouri understands the church.   Check out his post here.


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