Thursday, April 08, 2010

LCMS Nominations. What Does This Mean?


The LCMS released official nomination numbers for Synod President to be elected this July in Houston

For President (Congregations)

  • Matthew Harrison: 1,332
  • Gerald Kieschnick: 755 (incumbent)
  • Herbert Mueller, Jr.: 503
  • Carl Fickenscher II: 5
  • Daniel Gard: 3

Only 2 times has the synod not elected the highest nominee. (Since we have used the current system, 1977)

  • 1981 Ralph Bohlman defeated Walter Maier. (No incumbent Preus retires).
  • 2001 Gerry Kieschnick elected after the death of incumbent Al Barry.

Since 1977 when the incumbent has run, he has received the most nominations and has not been defeated.

This year the incumbent has not received the most nominations.


Total number of Nominations this year 2598 which is 42% of congregations (6123).

2598 is higher than only 5 of the 13 conventions since 1977.

What does this mean?

It would be very easy to over analyze these stats.  It seems that this year is unique.  Are all bets off?

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