Wednesday, March 03, 2010

On the question, Will Strictness Kill the Church?

image Let me take for granted that our Church on account of its strictness is not suited for this present age. In that case it would behoove us to remember that it is not our business at all to save the church or to build the Church. That is the Lord’s business. Preachers and people have only one business—to be witnesses for Jesus Christ. One thing is required of them, that they love their Lord and Master and be obedient to His will. Then by their testimony to His teachings, God wants to build and preserve the Church. It is not our business at all to consider whether these teachings are popular or whether those who hold them will be regarded as bigots, fanatics, as narrow or pharisaical. They are to trust the good Lord that He has made no mistake in commissioning them to preach exactly what He taught His evangelists and apostles, the divinely ordained teachers until the Day of Judgment, to set forth in scriptures. (Theodore Graebner, Pastor and People, 1932)

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