Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rev. Cwirla's "Sola Top Ten"


Here's at Higher Things Sola 2009 top ten list from Pr. Cwirla (I whole heartedly agree!)

Top ten higher things at the Sola - San Antonio Higher Things youth conference:

10.  Chris Loemker on the organ - Chris Rocks absolutely!

9.  Listening to Bill Weedon burst into Latin

8.  Bruce Keseman's PowerPoint

7.  CCVs

6. Kellee's chocolate fountain at the development reception - Wow!

5.  Conference staff - Gina, Sue, Ann, Lynea, Hannah, David, Jacob, Carl, Daniel, Stan, Kellee, Sandra, Brent, Duane, Erin, Jason, Landon, Mark, Jon, George, Paul, Ringo....

4.  San Antonio Zoo - steaming hot but awesome animals!

3.  Ray Reed's Texas brisquit - holy smoke!

2.  The Holst Te Deum

1.  800+ Kids Darin' to be Lutheran


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