Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Good Questions to Ask (Tiller's) Pastors

imageDave Welch has a great article yesterday at World Net Daily (June 2) ( asking the right questions about Abortionist Dr. Tiller's church and pastors.  It gets to the very heart at what the Church is and exactly what its mission is.  His question is a good question for all congregations and pastors to consider.  Welch asks:

I have to ask the question that is one which strikes at the heart of much of our spiritual, social, moral and political condition today. What was he being taught in this church? Tiller was obviously comfortable in this church, and it is evident that the pastoral leadership was comfortable with him.

He responds what a nice analogy and a great Law / Gospel distinction.  

In an analogy that may bring some criticism, suppose a known drug lord or pimp attended this church and gave substantial contributions? Would he have been given the status and gratitude for his generosity that Tiller apparently enjoyed? Those others may be operating outside the boundaries of man's law while Tiller was within; however, all were equally outside the laws of God.

We live in a day where the power of God is non-existent in many churches – possibly most – because we have either rejected the authority of Scripture, or more predominantly in the evangelical church we are focused far more on "comforting the afflicted" than "afflicting the comfortable." We should do both.

Welch zeros in on the exact problem.  Churches have "rejected the authority of scripture," he says.  They are more interested in filling coliseums, expanding buildings, and conforming to business models that promote "growth" than the real mission of the church.   His exposition of Matthew 28 is right on target.

The passage in Matthew 28:18-20 known as the Great Commission does not command us to fill coliseums, expand our buildings, or increase our budgets – or accommodate the world. It does command us to do three things:

  1. Make disciples of the nations – disciples are "pupils";
  2. Baptize in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit – spiritual rebirth is FIRST;
  3. Teach them to observe all He commanded – All four elements are essential:
    – Teach – Impart with integrity to the text and context
    – All – Don’t leave anything out between Genesis and Revelation
    – He – Jesus was involved in authoring all Scripture
    – Commanded – If we want the "benefits," we must follow "The Way."

When will the American Church wake up and break off its love affair with death, sodomy, and earthly wealth?  Lord, have mercy.

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