Wednesday, May 06, 2009

What Are Men Looking for In Worship?

imageAn article in The Daily Mail talks about what men want in church based on a poll. (The comments alone are instructive!)

Nearly 60 per cent of those who took part in a survey said they enjoyed singing - but added comments showing they preferred anthemic songs and 'proclamational' hymns as opposed to more emotional love songs.

Sixty per cent said they did not like flowers and embroidered banners in church, while 52 per cent did not like dancing in church.

The article lists these hymns as suggestions:

  • Onward Christian Soldiers (LSB 662)
  • And Can It Be
  • Guide Me O Thy Great Redeemer  (LSB 918)
  • All People That On Earth Do Dwell (LSB 791)
  • Be Thou My Vision 
  • How Great Thou Art (LSB 801)
  • Amazing Grace (LSB 744)
  • Eternal Father, Strong To Save (For Those On Peril On The Sea) (LSB 717)
  • Our God Reigns
  • Dear Lord And Father Of Mankind Forgive Our Foolish Ways

Note that over half of them are in Lutheran Service Book. I'd add a few others.

  • A Might Fortress (LSB 656 or LSB 657)
  • Christ Jesus Lay in Death's Strong Bands (LSB 458)
  • For All the Saints (LSB 677)
  • Lift High the Cross (LSB 837)
  • the list could go on and on...

Here at Trinity we are "men friendly."  Check out our list of "Favorite Hymns" it is caulk full of Guy Friendly 'proclamational' hymns.

My question is this:

If you take away "emotional love songs" from contemporary worship, is there anything left?

Pastor Watt.

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