Monday, October 13, 2008

Church Growth Amish Style!

image Thanks to Gene Veith.  Read this article Surging Amish Spreading Out from the Washington Post. 

Apparently in spite of their rejection of modern conveniences the Amish are growing.  Why?  Bedroom evangelism and continuing catechesis.  This is were mainline denominations are breaking down.

Dr. Veith comments:

What we need to work on is KEEPING young people in church. One of my students told me recently that of all the kids in his youth group–which focused on emotionalism and superficial games–he is the only one who is still in the faith. He credited his interest in apologetics and his realization that Christianity is TRUE. We need to admit that what I have called the stupid youth group tricks have failed and that we need to give our teenagers and young adults a Christianity that stands up to their lives. A good model is Higher Things.

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