Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"Nickel" Loafer?

image Everything changes.  My oldest son is about to embark on his first career.  My sweet sixteen girl is driving back and forth to school. A job that used to be mine. My youngest (10) doesn't say that cute stuff we all chuckled at nearly as much as before.  The news tells me that the financial system is on the brink of Armageddon and now Gene Veith tells me they are talking about dumping the penny, again.  I guess it costs more to make them then they are worth.  All kinds of images and clichés filled my head.  "a penny for your thoughts" "a penny saved is a penny earned" None of them will be the same anymore.  But finally I was drawn to a pair of shoes I used to own.  They were penny loafers.  That's right those leather shoes, with or without tassels, with or without socks, that you to stick a penny in.  I was told that when you find a penny on the street you put it in your shoe for good luck.  Before I had penny loafers the penny was just a nuisance rattling around under my sock.  You see, the strap that crossed the top of a penny loafer has a penny sized slot for the prize.  Somehow I just don't think a nickel is going to fit.  Besides, how often do you find a nickel on the street.  A penny, well, most folks won't bend down to retrieve a lost penny.  If the penny is discontinued, it won't be worthless anymore.  Collectors will scoop them up and my "lucky" shoes will no longer be able to afford a penny. 


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