Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Future Aborted.

The future dies today
The future dies every day, a thousand times and more
The future dies with cold, calculated, medical precision

The future dies...

It dies with future
mothers, daughters, and sisters
fathers, sons, and brothers
friends, husbands, wives and lovers

It dies with future
police officers, firefighters and paramedics
doctors, lawyers and presidents

It dies with future
football and baseball players
waiters, waitresses and cooks
teachers and students
mechanics and engineers
designers and artists

It dies with future
managers, employees, clerks, servers, tailors, pastors, prisoners, programmers, secretaries, barbers, drivers, plumbers, carpenters, reporters, steel workers, miners, jewelers...

It dies with future rich and poor and healthy and sick

The future dies today and every day, a thousand times and more
It dies a violent, gruesome, horrible, painful, bloody death...
for choice.

Jonathan C. Watt

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