Thursday, May 22, 2008

More on the Top 25 from pr David Schultz, Fenton, IA

You sent an interesting question on the top 25 books to read.

First thoughts:


1) Bible (an arguement could be made that this is really a Library, so one should read the Gospels, Torah, etc, but for here I will take it as one complete book)

2)Small Catechism

3) Hymnal (I don't care if it is TLH, LW, or LSB)

Here are some age related ones (different ages do have different needs)

4) CS Lewis:  Narnia Chronicles (now out as one book)

5) Screwtape letters (when older)

6) Lord of the Rings (also orginally one book, cut up to three for printing reasons)

7)God At Work, Veith, at the time of vocation. (This list would be so much easier, if it were the top 25 books for pastors...)

8) All Quiet on the Western Front

9) Shakespeare (Everyone should read at least one play by Shakespeare, at least if they are English speaking, or Klingon, apparently )

10) Mark Twain (for Americans), Chauser, (for Brits), Goethe, for Germans, Don Quiote for Spanards, Dante, for Italians, etc, foundational texts for the culture.

11)A history of the world text (changes every few years, with new developments, but there should be a ground work here...)

12)A history of the country text (again, this would change over time and place, but one should know his-her own countries history and 'story')

13) Civics text (could be the US constitution, but again, this would vary from nation to nation, but this is something basic)

I think I will have to quit there for now, as I am starting to get too generic.  Top 25, that everyone in the world should read, or even in the US....without regard to interest or age bracket...too open of a field!

It would have been a better question to say:  what are your top 25 books, at this moment!


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