Monday, July 02, 2007

My Knee Surgery...

Dear friends;
(Warning! The following post contains surgical pictures that may not be appropriate for all readers).
On June 19, I had my knee scoped. I had it all done at Sioux Falls Surgical Center. I was well cared for. My doctor was Bradley Plaga. It should have been a simple procedure to fix torn cartilage. However, Dr. Plaga told my wife that within 5 years I'd need a new knee. My local doctor said so too but I really didn't believe it. Well, for those interested here's the pictures. You can see also the wear on the bones from no cartilage for 25 years. Diagnosis Ostioarthritis.

In the following picture I think the red stuff (blood) is the torn cartilage. Lots of rough stuff here, I think everything here should be smooth.
On the upper right I believe this is a picture of behind my knee cap. On the left next to it you can see much more wear on the bone... also the bottom two pictures show the wear pretty clearly.
Here you can see the wear and tear on my bone (upper and lower left). I think the doc is cleaning up the surfaces. There is lots of debris.

As far as I can tell this is the after pic. Less rough stuff more smooth. It is another good view of the wear.
Any comments from you medical types would be appreciated.

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