Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A note from Lois Watt

A note from Lois Watt (Pastor Watt’s Mother), now In Nigeria on a mission trip;
Dear family,
We got here with no problems. I was a long ride and I didn't sleep very much. It seemed as though they were always feeding us on the plane. We got on at 5:30 and so we had a meal , then we changed time so we ate breakfast at my time of 12 midnight. The Nigerian people are so friendly. Nathaniel and Teri have really made it their home. The kids are happy and have lots of friends. I am sure I will like it too. I have not gone over the Mashiah Foundation (A mission project for women with Aids) yet but Nathaniel said I should rest a week. I feel really good. All for this time. I Love you all and God bless you. Mom
-- Lois Watt.

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